Susan Faith Marsters, D.C.

Susan Faith Marsters, D.C.

Dr. Susan Faith Marsters graduated from
the rigorously scientific Palmer College of
Chiropractic-West in 1991 with a Doctor of
Chiropractic degree.  Her classmates
created the award "Most Likely to Become
A Quantum Healer" for her. She then immediately
enrolled in an 18 month intensive Clairvoyant
Training Program through the Berkeley Psychic
Institute to help balance out her brain.


Current contributors to her perception of "how the world works" are:

In private practice since 1992, she works/plays entirely on a referral basis and expresses the Vitalistic form of chiropractic.  Families are encouraged!  The younger the spine, the easier it is to optimize the flow of Life Force throughout the nerve connections.

Professional Style

Using a wide diversity of skills and techniques, Dr. Marsters listens to and follows a person's essence, bones, joints and soft tissue.  She sets and holds a safe container for the body to let go of old patterns and realign its own flow.  Each person's session is unique and is often different throughout their course of care.  She goes barefoot, talks plenty, laughs A LOT, and listens really well.

Office Mates

There are 4 other practitioners in this suite offering: Chiropractic, Transformative Healing, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Harmonic Healing, barefoot Shiatsu, hot stone massage (i.e., Le Stone), acupressure, muscle balancing, yoga instruction, cranial work, shamanic tools, Ayervedic education, as well as some indescribable osteopathic balancing that can only be defined by personal experience!


Chiropractic Healing Arts, 1844 San Miguel Drive., Suite 308A, Walnut Creek, CA  94596 • Phone: 925-932-3660